BrandBias was created in 1986 with the mission of creating value for our clients as well as to our collaborators, allowing business opportunities and economic value for both us and our customers. We believe in the importance of our team as an individual having communication as key. Transparency is proudly used on a daily base with our team, partners and clients in order to create trust and long lasting business deals. Brandbias is focused on sustainable textiles with GOTS and Step Certifications. We care about the environment and a future way of living, therefore we will make sure that our business partners and ourselves are contributing to a better future being the sustainable choice.

Why we are an Ethical and Sustainable Choice?

  • Recycle and reuse of materials and cutting waste on all production process
  • Eliminate economic footprint
  • Social Responsability
  • Reduce water and energy consumption
  • Use sustainable fabrics and accessories
  • Continuos improvement to increase sustainability